Patients in UAE can now look forward to interactive 3D visual walkthroughs of their medical procedures and understand the modalities of the actual operation before they undergo it. Canadian Specialist Hospital has partnered with Medify, a dutch company that has developed this unique concept and will roll out this service in the UAE by the last quarter of this year. The technology would be extremely helpful in improving patient knowledge, compliance, quality consultation interactions and significantly reduce registration period and anxiety levels through their ‘care path’.

“Whenever patients came to us with a heart condition or went to the gynecology departments, they also came with a lot of questions about their medical procedures. We observed that our doctors did spend a lot of time educating them about these procedures and this delayed the overall process for the patient to a certain extent. Moreover, most of the patients that visit our hospital don’t necessarily have a healthcare background, so to provide them with all the information in simple layman terms was a challenge at times,” said Dr. Yashar Ali, CEO, Canadian Specialist Hospital.

Canadian Specialist Hospital would implement a pilot process in their Cardiology, OB-Gyn and International Patients department and the technology will cover the rest of the hospital at a later stage. Once registered the patients are provided with a detailed questionnaire regarding their medical history and complications and provides them with a 3D visual representation of the procedure they are about to undergo along with comprehensive details about what to expect in terms of stay and clothing, food and drug interactions, precautions and other medical information. The whole platform then follows up with a brief but articulate feedback mechanism that helps improve the module continuously.

“However, with this interactive software from Medify, the patients get all the necessary information and can experience what will happen in the hospital beforehand and arrive well-informed. This immensely helps both the patients and the doctors, as they both are on the same page. We are delighted to partner with Medify on this journey and aim to help the patients in the UAE,” added Dr. Yashar.
Medify has spent over 15 years in perfecting this software to clarify healthcare concepts for both patients and healthcare professionals. Over 40 hospitals in Europe are currently using this software from Medify.

“Medify helps hospitals to improve quality and lower costs with process innovation through digital communication. We work very closely with all the departments within the hospital. This initiative is about adapting healthcare towards the current digital communication possibilities. Therefore, we always focus on process innovation,” mentioned Peter Krol, COO, Medify.

“Patient experience is a hot topic in the UAE. We believe digital patient communication should be an integral part of the daily operations in order to benefit from it. Our software framework is able to present interactive visual information in 3D interactively to patients on any device. We offer durable quality improvements against lower cost, today also commonly referred to as value-based healthcare,” added Peter.

Canadian Specialist Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital with qualified doctors trained from prestigious institutes around the world and a state-of-the-art laboratory and imaging department. The hospital currently offers 35+ specialties including cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, nephrology, dialysis and a rehabilitation department.

The rehabilitation department provides services for orthopedic, neurological, cardiac, oncological and metabolic treatment. The hospital will soon be adding new departments for oncology, pediatric surgery and pediatric neurology.

Canadian Specialist Hospital has also won the title of ‘Best Hospital for Medical Tourism’ and ‘Best Hospital for Patient Satisfaction’ at the Annual Health Awards. Apart from these awards, employees of Canadian Specialist Hospital won the ‘Best Nurse Award’ and ‘Best Physician Award’ at the DHA Annual Health Awards 2019.

The hospital has received its 3rd JCI accreditation and is also certified by Temos for ‘Quality in International Patient Care’ and ‘Excellence in Medical Tourism’.

Source: whitewaterpr