On the 40th Anniversary of IVF marked by the birth of the world’s first IVF child, Louise Brown born on the 25th of July 1978, Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai celebrated the joy of parenthood with couples who were helped to conceive by the specialists of the clinic.

We couldn’t recommend Bourn Hall enough, we are delighted today to celebrate the 40th birthday of the very first IVF baby, if it wasn’t for IVF maybe we wouldn’t have the girls we have today, Thank you Bourn Hall.

Dr. David Robertson, Group Medical Director, Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai, affiliated with the inventors of IVF, Bourn Hall, UK, commented:” We are extremely happy to have helped so many Emirati and expatriate couples living in as well as visiting the UAE to parenthood. Since 1978, ‘Bourn Hall’ has become synonymous with IVF and most of what is today the standard treatment protocol for IVF procedures, has been pioneered and established by Bourn Hall. Our greatest reward however is to see how couples evolve to happy families – and having been able to support and help them.” “Our most important message today goes out to all those who struggle with fertility issues”, said Hoda Abou-Jamra, Group CEO, Bourn Hall International. “You have choices and options to overcome these issues and it is our mission to educate, inform and offer you the right fertility choice for your health, your family and your life.”

When people picture an ideal family – and this is a world-wide stereotype - there is a typecast of a large, bustling household full of children and an even larger extended clan of cousins, aunts and uncles. This stereotype is becoming less realistic, partially due to a growing infertility epidemic which is making it harder for couples everywhere in the world and of course also in the Middle East to conceive at all, yet alone grow large families. In the UAE, the average number of children born per woman has fallen from 4.39 in 1990, to 1.7 in 2016. Louise Brown, who is an ambassador of hope to millions of couples throughout the world struggling with infertility, had even sent a personal video message to the Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic’s Anniversary Party thanking all who work hard to make parenthood an option for couples.


Source: Bourn Hall