Dubai Customs took all procedures needed to facilitate entry of passengers coming to the country through Dubai International Airport during the Eid Fitr break, and pilgrims coming back from Ramadan visit to the Holy Places (Umrah).

Dubai Customs increased the number of inspectors at the airports to 444 inspectors working around the clock out of the 725 inspectors; the total number at the Passenger Operations Department. There are 77 luggage inspection devices in place (58 for bigger luggage and 19 devices for suitcases).

Ibrahim Al Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department said:

“Dubai Customs has put its plans to receive the Eid visitors and pilgrims alike, and heavy traffic is expected during the Eid week. We are ready to provide distinguished services that are worthy of the UAE as a preferred touristic hub while maintaining security and safety. We coordinated with Dubai Airports, Emirates Airlines and other strategic partners on how to deal with the increasing number of passengers arriving during the Eid break.”

Dubai Customs will receive the Eid visitors, mostly from other GCC countries, with gifts as a symbol of Dubai’s welcoming spirit.


Source: Dubai Customs