The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) on Monday held a press conference to unveil the details of the “Noor of Sharjah”, a community initiative, launched by Sharjah Police to illuminate dark streets in a number of neighbourhoods in Sharjah, a move that aims to enhance security, reduce crime rates and strengthen positive interaction between public and private sectors.

The community initiative was launched in collaboration with SCCI, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), Sharjah Municipality, Department of Town Planning and Survey, and SCCI’s Committee of the Real Estate Sector Business Group.

The aim of the initiative, which has social, security, economic and national dimensions, is to illuminate a number of dark neighborhoods and streets to ensure public safety, crime prevention, and public-private interaction to launch initiatives that serve the community.

The conference was attended by His Excellency Mohammed Ahmed Amin Al Awadhi, Director General of SCCI, Brigadier Mohammed Rashid Bayat, Director General of Police Operations at Sharjah Police, Mohammed Abdullah, Director of Excellence Department at SEWA, and Eng. Humaidi Al Ketbi, Director of Building Licensing at Department of Town Planning and Survey.

Attending also were Saeed Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Chairman of SCCI’s Committee of the Real Estate Sector Business Group, a number of SCCI’s employees, partners and representatives of private companies. An exhibition was held alongside the conference, where companies have showcased their products to be used through the implementation of the initiative.

Source: MISBAR Communications

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