On the 49th UAE National Day, Reem BinKaram, Director of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA) has turned the spotlight on the milestone achievements of the nation’s women over the past five decades to reinforce UAE’s position as a global leader.

Bin Karam said: “The UAE National Day is a significant, historic observance not only for the nation, but the region and the world. It marks the birth of a concept of progress based on true partnership and collaboration among all members of society, of investment in human capital, and an era of exemplary achievements in attaining gender equity. Today is a day to reflect on the various noble causes the union of the UAE has supported and promoted worldwide, review our many achievements and pave the way for successive generations to build on them.  

As special an occasion this is for all Emirati citizens, the UAE National Day is especially significant for women across the nation – a reminder of how the Union has upheld cultural identity and heritage while transforming their lives by formulating policies and legations to offer us a vibrant landscape to learn, achieve, participate and contribute to our fullest potential – surpassing the conventional definitions of women’s empowerment.  As part of the Union, women are key leaders in vital sectors and active enablers of sustainable development.

Source: National Network Communications (NNC)

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