The UAE is continuously moving from one success to another and jumping from achievements to greater milestones as it forges ahead with its plans towards building a better future, said Lalu Samuel, Chairman of the Representative Committee of the Industry Sector functioning under the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman & Managing Director of Kingston Holdings.

Speaking on the occasion of the 49th UAE National Day, Samuel affirmed that the UAE’s consecutive achievements have strengthened its international presence, becoming one of the top business incubators in the region, in addition to being a leading wealth management hub. This reflects the huge development achieved by the UAE, which enabled it to draw a proactive vision of what can be achieved in the next fifty years.

Congratulating the UAE people and leadership on the occasion, Samuel said: “Over the past 49 years, the UAE has made exceptional accomplishments that bolstered its leading position and reputation internationally, and turned it into a role model for development and innovation. It has deservedly become a preferred destination for global investors and economic activities thanks to its fertile environment, which guarantees success, leadership and competitiveness, not to mention its economic friendly policies. This was clearly demonstrated by the UAE leadership standing by the business community by launching a set of economic incentives to mitigate the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The 49th National Day is a glorious occasion that makes everyone living in the UAE feel proud of the country’s achievements. It is also a day to recommit ourselves to redouble our efforts and make the most of whatever means and tools possible to strengthen and fortify the country’s progress towards a brighter future for next-generation,” Samuel added.

Source: Misbar Communications

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