Shot on the city’s most iconic stage - Dubai Opera - the music video for ‘The Way Home’ is produced by Sisters Grimm, written by Grammy nominated Composer Ella Spira and features vocals from DB Gad, Arqam Al Abri, Madyan Hamsa and Layla Kardan.

Releasing the 7th September, the new song is sung in Arabic and English and the music video tells the story of perseverance and strength against adversity. It is a story about an individual pouring their heart and passion into something they love, the ups and downs of committing to your idea and the feeling you get from accomplishing your goal.  Sisters Grimm brings people together and makes them feel connected and we want audiences to have a sense of ‘home’ and belonging at their shows.

The video narrative for ‘The Way Home’ shows a glimpse of the behind the scenes and journey of the collective disciplines that make up the Sisters Grimm shows, including a theatrical and entertaining insight into the work of both the artists and the producers, starting from rehearsals at the studios through to the final showstopping performance.

This culturally compelling song is an introduction to Sisters Grimm’s quest to seek out rising stars in the Middle East who will receive unparalleled tuition and insight from the founders Ella and Pietra and the opportunity to feature in future productions and practice with the top international talent.   

Source: coco communications