Launched by Aakanksha Tangri and headquartered in Dubai, Re:Set has been set up as a resource of tools and stories around education, parenting, gender, inclusivity, mental health and well-being. Collaborating with thought-leaders, government officials, parents, educators, counsellors and corporate ninjas, Re:Set provides an in-depth and trusted resource where people can connect, get inspired and learn from one another.

Living in a world where, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 450 million individuals globally have experienced some form of a mental health disorder and one in four individuals during their lifetime will develop a mental or behavioural disorder, Re:Set aims to dispel misconceptions and stigma surrounding such topics as mental health. Promising a safe, inclusive space that encourages dialogue on issues that matter and inspire change, Re:Set starts conversations via insightful storytelling, proposes solutions, and encourages education around these tough subjects.

Furthermore, Re:Set puts a strong emphasis on helping communities effectively integrate people with special needs, to provide strategies and solutions to create a seamlessly inclusive and accessible society. The platform also addresses gaps in policy when it comes to education, gender equality, accessibility and employment.

With easily digestible hacks reinforced with real-life examples, Re:Set is a powerful voice in a world full of noise for everyday people to share their real-life experiences and ignite discussions. Together with these collaborative voices, Re:Set provides insights into the challenges we are confronted with, decoding what it takes to create the next generation of well-rounded changemakers.

Source: Atteline