Jaguar Racing has released the latest episode of ‘RE:CHARGE @ Home’ – the new video podcast series. Available across YouTube, Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts this episode features Jaguar Ambassador and Model, David Gandy and Panasonic Jaguar Racing Driver, Mitch Evans.

In the latest episode, the trio give an honest insight into mental preparation and strength, discuss the longevity of their respective careers and reminisce on Jaguar’s journey in ABB FIA Formula E.

The guests also reveal their passion for motorsport, emphasise the importance of a healthy lifestyle and explain what life is like in the limelight.

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Quotes include:

Mitch Evans, Panasonic Jaguar Racing Driver:

“Mental preparation is key before a race. I’m always thinking about driving and racing - ever since Berlin has been confirmed to conclude the season, it’s all I’ve been focusing on. I can’t stop thinking about getting back to the track. I’ve actually been watching races, qualifying and free practice sessions from previous seasons in Tempelhof. This is really important for me, prior to a race weekend, as I can look at how I performed last year and find areas for improvement. Then at the track, when we’re on the grid, a different element of mental preparation is needed, a switch turns on in my head and I instantly compose myself. When the lights go green, I’m in the zone and ready to race. Different drivers have different processes, but this works for me and I have the confidence that I’ve prepared as much as I can to succeed.”

David Gandy, Model and Jaguar Ambassador:

“You have to be mentally strong in the fashion industry. There are constant setbacks at the start, you may not get a job for months and you’re often criticised.  But it’s imperative to have a thick skin, carry on and not let negativity get you down. I can’t imagine it’s the same mental preparation as a racing driver or a sports person, but you do have to switch something on in order to succeed.

“I always say fashion pays for the passion and my passion is cars. It’s been great to follow the journey of Formula E with Jaguar and with Mitch [Evans] from the start. I’ll be honest, I was sceptical at the beginning, but Formula E has become such an accessible sport for everyone and has proved me wrong. The racing is very intense, there is more overtaking, crashing and there is lots of excitement. It suits today’s world with people's attention span. After attending the first race with Jaguar I found myself watching every E-Prix and the transition has been great. I love the accessibility of Formula E, not just for the fans but also that it takes place in the heart of incredible cities.”

The new series, hosted by Amanda Stretton and Vernon Kay, will be a regular, insightful series fans can look forward to with new guests in each episode across Panasonic Jaguar Racing and the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY.