Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has partnered with the region’s first pop-up cinema concept Films In A Box to bring films to a wider audience at the forthcoming Al Marmoom: Film In The Desert.

The event, which is a platform to support and showcase emerging and established filmmakers both locally and regionally will take place between March 4th and 7th in Al Marmoom desert as part of the seventh edition of Dubai Art Season. During the four-day event, Dubai Culture will present Films In A Box pop-up cinema concept where transportable, 28-seat box-shaped movie theatres will be constructed on site to show non-dialogue short films running at between 10 and 15 minutes. This creative collaboration is an example of the cross-pollination between the public and private sector, which underlines Dubai Culture’s mandate to work together with all creative entities to enhance synergies and explore new opportunities for productive cooperation.

Films In A Box will present a series of non-dialogue films across genres, which encourage cross cultural understanding without a need for translation or subtitles and are also inclusive to the deaf community.  The medium of non-dialogue films allows filmmakers, cinematographers and actors to focus on creativity and diverse story telling whilst being freed from language boundaries. The presence of such an accessible artform in the region underlines Dubai Culture’s community-focused drive and emphasis on inclusivity. A full programme of workshops talks and interactive discussions has also been designed to suit young people, children, enthusiasts and all the family.

The partnership with Films In A Box is aimed at allowing films to be accessible to the hearing impaired and deaf community, providing them with the opportunity to participate in Al Marmoom: Film in The Desert and to enjoy the storytelling experience of the event. It aligns with the Authority’s mandate of social responsibility to all members of Dubai’s multi-cultural community.

Shaima Al Suwaidi, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication at Dubai Culture said: “The partnership with Films in A Box for Al Marmoom: Film in The Desert is a vital part of the overall philosophy of the event: to be accessible and suitable for everyone. We are working to inspire the next generation of film makers and enthusiasts by providing an inclusive platform from which to witness films as well as to learn about all the aspects of filmmaking. Films In A Box allows audiences to get beyond language and therefore overcome cultural barriers, which will ultimately result in people uniting and coming together through the medium of film.”

Terry Miranda, Managing Director of LHP Lighthouse Productions, said: “Films In A Box is inspired by the UAE’s and Dubai’s diverse cultural landscape and is aimed at bringing film to wider audiences and to increase participation in films in general. Dubai Culture is extending this platform through Al Marmoom: Film In The Desert and therefore it is a fruitful collaboration for us. We want to bring the magic of film to the full spectrum of society in the UAE & the region, so it is a great pleasure to be partnering with Dubai Culture for the first edition of this event, which will, hopefully take its place as a popular event on Dubai’s cultural calendar.”

Source: Cicero and Bernay