As the fifth Arab Women Sports Tournament (AWST 2020) is nearing its end, UAE sportswomen have brought glory to their nation with stellar performances in fencing and track-and-field competitions on Monday. Competing athletes have scooped a total of 18 medals, divided equally between gold, silver and bronze, following Bahrain’s tally of 18 medals, including 13 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals.


Post a series of fierce battles in fencing competitions, UAE fencers’ precision and technique reined over their competitors on Monday. The local talents clinched 4 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Saudi Arabian fencers won 1 silver and 1 bronze, while Bahrain’s athletes put their name on 5 bronze medals.

Épée Team competition

UAE fencers dominated the Épée Team competition, with Sharjah Women’s Sports Club fencers Al Anoud Al Saadi, Zainab Mohammed Al Hosani, Dana Al Shataf and Fajr Abdullah Al Marzouqi winning gold. The UAE’s Baniyas Club fencers, Noura Mohammed Al Breiki, Azza Ali Al Kaabi, Fatima Salem Al Kaabi, and Ashwaq Hayder, brought home more wins securing bronze medals.

KSA’s Epee Olympic Academy Club comprising Mashael Faisal Al Khayal, Fawzia Faris, Lama Abdullah Al Farzan, and Huda Hazem Abedand won silver. Bahrain’s Al Hala Club fencers Maram Mohammed Sharif, Laila Hasan, Sumaya Khaled and Dana Khalil, were also among the competition’s second runners-up.

Foil Team competition

Continuing their dominance in the Foil category, UAE fencers nailed both gold and silver medals in the team competition. Baniyas Club fencers Noura Mohammed Al Breiki, Shama Jassim, Fatima Salem Al Kaabi and Ashwaq Hayder took the gold medal. The silver went to Sharjah Women’s Sports Club fencers Sharjah Women’s Sports Club Latifa Salim Al Hosani, Mariam Imad, Shahd Ahmad, Zainab Jaffar Daoud.

KSA Foil Olympic Academy Club fencers Fawzia Faris, Sara Al Salimi, Leen Adnan, and Huda Hazem Abed will take home the contest’s bronze accolade. Bahrain’s Al Hala Club fencers Maram Mohammed Sharif, Laila Hasan, Sumaya Khaled and Dana Khalil won bronze medals as well.


5,000m Racewalking

Sharjah runners topped the 5,000m racewalking contest yesterday, clinching gold and bronze. The top spot went to Mira Al Mazimi after crossing the finish line in 40:31:70 minutes, followed by Hajar Al Zarouni from Comoros’ Santa Africa Club with a total running time 42:03:11 minutes. Third place went to Sharjah Women’s Sports Club’s Mariam Yousef Al Raisi who finished the race in 44:25:79 minutes.

3,000m steeplechase

Marta Herbato from Bahrain’s Al Ahli Club produced a winning finish in this category with her total time of 13:05:43 minutes. Sharjah Women’s Sports Club’s Muhra Abdul Rahem clocked 15:51:64 minutes on the stopwatch, which earned her a silver. Local athlete Shamsa Fahim Al Qasimi from Emirates Cultural Sports Club scooped, finishing in 17:01:90 minutes.

400m relay

Al Ahli Club’s sprinters from Bahrain clinched gold with a spectacular 4:06:84-minute finish, followed by Sharjah Women’s Sports Club who fell slightly short, completing in 4:38:57 minutes. The bronze went to Kuwait’s Al Fatat Sports Club, who finished the race in 5:16:66 minutes.

Triple jump 

Sharjah Women’s Sports Club’s athlete Latifa Al Kaabi bagged a second gold for herself and her team, with an impressive 10.77m jump. Kuwait’s Al Fatat Sports Club athlete secured the silver medal covering a distance of 10.12m, followed by another UAE win secured by Sharjah Women’s Sports Club’s Mariam Yousef.

Shot put

Nora Jasim from Bahrain’s Al Ahli Club secured gold with a solid throw of 16.13m. Silver was earned by local athlete Fatima Al Hoasani’s 11.23m throw, while Kuwaiti Al Fatat Sports Club athlete, Sheikha Khalid, clinched the bronze for her 10.42m throw. A second bronze was awarded to Faila Khamis from Al Bashair Club for her 9.25m throw.

The 5th edition of the tournament organised by Sharjah Women’s Sports concludes on February 12.

Source: National Network Communications – NNC