An epic journey of discovery awaits at BMIUAE on Friday 11th October, when Satori presents Maktub - a spiritual experience that collides with musical mastery, where endless dreams and energy meet on the dance floor. Dedicate your spirit to healing practices and good vibes with a day full of atmospheric music and performances that raises the vibration of life, as well as a series of workshops, and much more.

Satori’s DNA runs through Maktub - a devoted aficionado of electronic world music, who combines endless blends of seductive trance and mind-altering earthy tones. At BMIUAE Satori will satisfy any meditative music-lover by provoking a spiritual journey through his infinite sound-garden, where movement, dreaming and creativity are endless. Satori’s sound is more than just a switch on a soundboard; he is the man behind the instrument, creating melodies from the piano, kora, kalimba, and guitar in combination with a deeper form of electronic music.

Iconic four-piece Lebanese group Adonis will be performing live, adding another dimension to the Maktub journey. The band who first came into sight with the debut single “Stouh Adonis” have performed at major venues and independent festivals across the Arab world, releasing three studio albums, and writing music for global brands.

Start the day with a 10.30am yoga session to recharge the body and soul, followed by a 5 Rhythms class at 12pm- a dance experience that is fun, surprising and incredibly restorative. At Maktub, it’s time to revive the spirit and break free from the shackles of the mundane, with even more healing activities and installations on the beach throughout the day.

To mark the occasion of Maktub, a Mediterranean style pop-up brunch will take place from 1-4pm (AED 350pp), ensuring everyone is fueled up for an experience where visual art perfectly blends with the sounds of Satori. Prepare to expand your musical boundaries at an event like no other.

Source: Z.Seven