The Registration deadline for the 1st Sharjah Gulf Emiratization Award  has been extended until August 31st instead of end of July due to unprecedented interest, the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) announced.

The entry deadline was prolonged to allow the largest number of participants from the GCC countries, which includes the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

The Chamber urged applicants wishing to participate in the first edition of the award to benefit from the deadline extension, which is a perfect chance to showcase their creativity in various economic sectors and boost business growth and development.

The award is organized by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the GCC countries in the framework of the joint efforts to improve the performance of Gulf companies and honor their innovative activities.

Impressive Turnout

Nada Al Hajri, General Coordinator of the Award, said: "The submission  deadline was extended following a decision by the Board of Trustees of the Sharjah Excellence Award thanks to the impressive participation and the huge interests of many organisation to get additional time so as to finalize registration procedures".

She stressed that the Sharjah Chamber is keen to offer necessary support for applicants wishing to participate and to respond to any inquires received through the award's website ( ) by an elite group of experts and consultants.

Al Hajri noted that the chamber will further promote the award to stimulate more participation from the Sharjah and GCC's private sector enterprises, adding that the award was first launched to recognise the most gulf citizen-hired establishments.

She said that such a new initiative, adopted and supported by the Sharjah Excellence Award, will enhance the investment environment and enable private sector institutions to benefit from the values of quality, leadership and innovation through applying the excellence model.

Al Hajri underlined that participation in the award will allow Gulf companies to benefit from national skills, competencies and human resources to achieve their successes and enhance their institutional performance.

The Sharjah Excellence Award aims to promote the culture of quality among private sector establishments and implement the best practices that contribute to establishing outstanding performance standards.

The Award  includes seven categories: Sharjah Award for Excellence, Sharjah Green Award, Sharjah Small and Medium Enterprises Award, Sharjah Community Responsibility Award, Sharjah Entrepreneurial Award, Sharjah Gulf Excellence Award, and Sharjah Gulf Emiratization Award.

Source: MISBAR Communications

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