It’s that time of year again – when residents in the UAE focus on their fitness goals for the new year!

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Goal 1 - Increase Strength and Build Muscle

While protein is key to building muscle, getting in the right kind of exercise is vital too. Think heavier weights, lower reps and a whole lot of dedication, these are the classes that will help you make those gains…

What? Gone in 60 Seconds

Where? The Warehouse Gym, various locations

Complete body conditioning and resistance training that combines weights with high-intensity cardio, this fast-paced circuit class is divided into several stations including sprints, squats, mountain climbers and assault bikes that will really get those heartrates pumping.

What? HIIT

Where? The Platform, Dubai Marina

An extremely popular choice for Marina-dwellers, HIIT classes at The Platform vary depending on the trainer, but each will be sure to take your training to the next level. Make your way through a dynamic combination of exercises during these signature High Intensity Interval Training classes – think rope slams, wall balls, rowing, box jumps and more – for a full-body workout.

Goal 2- Weight loss:

Over-indulged slightly during the festive period? Fear not, as these calorie-torching exercises will not only help you shred the inches, but will keep your metabolism sky-high for hours afterwards.

What? Boxing Circuit

Where? Round 10, JLT and Al Quoz

Grab those gloves and prepare yourself for an hour of conventional boxing workouts including jump-rope, mitts and shadow boxing in a circuit that will develop your skills while working up a serious sweat.

What? Ride

Where? Crank, Al Quoz

Not your regular Spin class and one of the newer studios to hit Dubai, Crank has quickly garnered a reputation as the cool kid on the block, as members pedal through heavy climbs and powerful sprints to beat-pumping soundtrack. There’s a scoreboard too for those who like a little competition.

Goal 3 – Mindfulness:

Essentially a technique where you focus your mind on the present – by focusing on sights, sounds and physical sensations – mindfulness is the practice of achieving metal clarity. Known to help with pressure, stress and anxiety, try switching off at one of these studios…

What? Meditation

Where? Kintsugi, Business Bay

Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of rejoining broken pottery piece with gold, Kintsugi yoga studio is a sanctuary for profound self-transformation through ancient yoga practices. One of their most popular classes is group meditation, letting individuals benefit from the amplified collective energy.

What? Restorative yoga and Guided Meditation

Where? Zoga Yoga Cafe

A class that focuses on the blissful sequence of tranquil poses to relax and restore, this gentle class was specifically designed to help in self-awareness, relaxation, healing and stress relief. With guided meditation at the end, it’s perfect for both your physical and mental well-being.

Goal 4 – Flexibility:

Tight hamstrings? Stiff hips? Why not incorporate stretching into your fitness class for a well-rounded routine while helping relieve muscle tension and increasing mobility.

What? FlyBarre 60

Where? FlyBarre, Gold & Diamond Park and Downtown Dubai

From stretching to pulsing to holding poses, not only will you have a full-body sculpt but you’ll build strength and lean muscle all at the same time.

What? Hot Yin Yoga

Where? Dryp Yoga, Dubai Marina

Not your average yoga class, Hot Yin Yoga consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses focused mainly on the lower part of the body, including the hips, pelvis, inner things and spine. Tight hamstrings? This one is for you!


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