Join us at our upcoming 3 in 1 art/improv/meditation open event in collaboration with Aliya Galim and NEST Coworking Space.
Less Is More Exhibition

The “Less is More” themed exhibition, taking place on the 2nd floor of TRYP by Wyndham hotel, will showcase more than 20 UAE artists’ work centered around minimalism, anti-consumerism, anti-waste and anti-media surplus. All artwork is priced below AED 3000 and we have stunning artwork that has flown in from Romania, Belarus, and Bahrain. 
Feminine Mindfulness and Meditation by Aliya Galim
The feminine mindfulness and meditation workshop is being led by world renowned yogi - Aliya Galim. 

This women only meditation will encompass movement, breathing, art, and meditation. Aliya Galim will guide you through the workshop and help you connect with your wombs, pelvic muscles, and faciliate guided visualisations to help overcome any traumas hidden in our bodies.

We advise all our participants to bring a yoga mat, a towel, and a shawl or fabric to cover your eyes. This workshop will begin at 8pm.

We are collaborating with Al Jazeera filmmaker Leah Manasseh who is filming her upcoming documentary ' When I became a woman', a documentary uncovering the moments of women around the world when they transitioned from being a girl to a woman. 

Participants can choose to be filmed or not and they will be asked to sign a media release form if they would like to be part of the film. We welcome all our communities to share their stories with Leah and help other ladies around the world voice their stories too. 

AED 130, pay in cash at the event, preregistration required.

Free Improv Workshop with Martin Scholtz

A fun workshop to help boost public speaking skills, improve your problem solving skills, and help you make decisions on the spot. 

This is being held on the 2nd floor of TRYP by WYNDHAM hotel at the VYP room and will commence at 8:30pm. There are limited seats available for participation.

Date: 29th May at NEST Dubai from 8:00pm. 


Source: Dubai Jiggy