Have you ever daydreamed about smashing up a car while sitting in gridlock traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road? Or throwing something at your washing machine as piles of laundry pile up uncontrollably? Now you can, at The Smash Room’s newly launched monthly event, the Epic Smash.

The highly anticipated Epic Smash is poised to be a sought after event, so tickets will need to be pre-booked, as it is only open to ten participants every month, with dates to be announced at the beginning of each month. Guests who get an adrenaline rush from smashing high value items will not be disappointed, they will get the chance to destroy items ranging from an actual car, to refrigerators, washing machines, office printers and much more.

All the participants will be dressed in protective gear and allowed to choose from a wide variety of weapons; such as sledgehammers, cricket and baseball bats, hammers and crowbars etc.

On a regular day at The Smash Room, smashers can unleash their anger on anything from glass bottles and plates to old TVs and furniture. The Smash Room sources its items from junkyards across the country and are helping to reduce e-waste in the country as they recycle old electronics after being smashed. They have also partnered with Melltoo to donate some proceeds to The Emirates Red Crescent to feed and help refugees.

Tickets to the Epic Smash range from AED 500 to AED 1,000.


Source: POP Communications