Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) will introduce its new Innovative Solutions under the theme “Be Amazed” at Gitex 2015, which runs from October 18 to 22, 2015, at Dubai World Trade Centre.


Panasonic’s pioneering exhibit of innovative smart solutions, this year at GITEX, is the future of everything. The brand continues to amaze it’s patrons with its latest solutions for businesses by using the latest cutting edge technologies and contributing to the making of ‘A better life, A better world’. Panasonic booth will harbor an eclectic array of its newest products under various path breaking concepts and innovative solutions for display, archiving and communications. In addition, the company will host an interactive session of product demos direct from the show floor.

Shinichi Wakita, Managing Director – PMMAF, reveals, “We are witnessing competitiveness of businesses in a ‘never-seen-before’ manner. Industries are moving towards adopting the most innovative strategies in order to uphold their competitive edge. Business sustainability is trending at the speed of light and creating new opportunities for growth. We at Panasonic keep working towards developing products and services that offer a daunting array of advantages to businesses. This year at GITEX, visitors will experience world’s most ground-breaking concepts at the Panasonic booth.”

He adds, “We will be displaying a plethora of innovative business solutions which will be a boon to many industry verticals. Our patented technologies will be demonstrated in the most advanced silhouette which will foster resilience for the companies. I am sure our customers will be amazed by our products and solutions that are being showcased for the 1st time in this region”

Shinichi Wakita, Managing Director – Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa

[Main Exhibits at the Panasonic Booth]


Area Overview

A preview of “Innovative Solutions” is demonstrated in this area. These products will change the future of businesses and capture attention of numerous industries mainly retail, hospitality, fashion, luxury & real estate. Transforming homes to quality living spaces, taking beauty to a whole new level of experience, empowering the fashion and hospitality industry with trendsetting concepts; an endless list of features. Here, Panasonic proposes the following new concepts of revolutionary ‘Innovative Solutions’:

Products & Hands-On

  • Interactive Mirror

Highlight of the show, Interactive Mirror is a masterpiece by Panasonic, designed to enhance lifestyle as a new professional health and beauty advisor. Using the in-built high definition cameras, the mirror is enabled with face analyzing feature to point out every flaw and suggestions to fix them, Skin data check with indicative solutions. It operates with two types of remote controls – Presentation and Demonstration. The Interactive Mirror also performs make up/styling & lighting simulation with an ability to record and play rear view (hair style check). Visitors can try virtual makeup and make-up navigation. Men can try on virtual beards and mustaches that suit on the facial contour.

  • Light ID

Panasonic has developed technology for using an LED as the light source so that smartphones can read optical ID signals containing various kinds of information. In this mechanism, ID is transmitted from LED light source (digital signage or LED illumination) and corresponding content is then downloaded from the server. This technology boasts about the key advantage of easier detection unlike image reading methods such as QR codes or AR markers. It has the immediate recognition ability when smartphone camera is pointed towards an LED light source. With a higher transmission rate, the Light ID enables decoding of information at a rate surpassing that of smartphone video recording.

  • Space Player

Panasonic’s latest Project Lighting Space Player allows users to employ Wi-Fi to schedule a variety of content directly from their laptops or handheld devices. Combined with Panasonic’s reliability and reputation as a leading player in the field of projectors and lighting, this product delivers a multi-faceted lighting solution and a maintenance-free projection easier than ever. Content includes pictures, movies, music, playlists, signage or any combination thereof. The content manager also provides functional control, such as power on and off, allowing for greater energy savings.

This revolutionary new product line utilizes solid-state laser illumination technology and easily mounts on traditional lighting track. Since it operates using a laser light source with Panasonic’s Solid State illumination technology, the Space Player can run up to 20,000 hours without a lamp replacement. It uses a fraction of the energy consumed by typical projection systems. Its sealed optics and filter-free design completely eliminate the need for cleaning.

  • Smart Downlight

Panasonic will surprise the retail & hospitality players by the latest Smart Downlight. This device has the ability to project on an object and follow its movements. It can also display information by using a projector that recognizes people and displays relevant signage images by identifying objects on a table. For example – On a shop table, focus can be set on the bag or top face of the table for an occasion. The Smart Downlight can set up an amazing environment on a table by creative use of laser.


  • Pool Mapping

Visitors can find creative solutions for hotels and theme parks using Panasonic's latest pool mapping projectors with unique ultra-short throw lens and high brightness to project various images in motion on even surfaces like pools. It uses the world’s shortest throw lens for 3-chip DLP Projectors which reduces approximately 60% of the projection distance. This ensures a bright projection while saving space besides installation flexibility. Panasonic’s advanced concept of creating this projector allows projecting an effectively large floor image from a location near the projection plane. Example – The simplified installation of this device enables projection from the poolside onto the bottom of the pool.

  • Interactive Floor System

Targeting the retail and hospitality industry, Panasonic developed the Interactive Floor System with a display size of approximately 85 inches. It has 4 types of contents and does not require installation work such as hanging bracket and sensor adjustment. A solution for generating more interest for visitors in shopping malls, retails stores, kids area in hotels/Schools or theme parks and to draw people’s attention.

An Interactive Floor promotes physical motion, teamwork, communication and creativity through interactive concepts. The projector in the ceiling creates various engaging projections onto the floor. Users interact with the floor using their hand and feet to solve various riddles and team tasks.

  • 4K Projector

Panasonic flaunts production versions of its pixel quadrupling 10,000 lumen 4K laser projector series in this area. It is the most compact and lightweight projector of its kind in the world. It employs quad pixel drive technology to deliver extremely detailed, film-like, 4K image quality. A new generation of detail clarity processor analyses the required pixel information for extra pixels, and optimizes for fluid, detailed, high-contrast images. The 4k Projector includes a fail-safe dual-drive laser optical engine which ensures 20,000 hours maintenance free laser lighting. It is also featured with a new liquid-cooling system which reduces operating noise and maximizes the laser light source performance.

<Archiving and Communications Solutions>

Area Overview

Targeting the Real Estate & Property Builders, Futuristic Government Projects and businesses seeking latest data storage solutions, Panasonic introduces the latest long-term data archiving strategy, high definition communication solutions and home safety network. At GITEX 2015, Businesses get an opportunity to see and experience the many different solutions that Panasonic has to offer for a more futuristic approach to projects.

Products & Hands-On

  • Data Archiver

A scalable optical disc library system, developed by Panasonic, that meets the needs of the next generation businesses with its ability to store data for an extended period of time. By using the reliable Blu-ray Disc™ media, with a data storage life of 50 years or more, this system allows safe, secure, long-term storage of large volumes of data at a low running cost. It is an excellent solution for the mid- to long-term storage of information assets and business sustainability, by providing large-volume recording media that is optimal for data archiving in an age when data is increasing exponentially.

  • HDVC

The new High Definition Visual Communications (HDVC) System connects to multiple sites for videoconferences with minimal installation costs. A mobile device can be used to participate in a video conference from another location. The HDVC System grasps effective visual communication without restrictions on time or place. By flexibly responding to a wide range of communication needs, in various fields, such as education, manufacturing, healthcare, finance and sales; this system solution allows smooth and accurate communication using Panasonic’s high-quality image technology. The product line-up is categorized into different models suiting specific requirements.

  • PBX

Panasonic presents the latest development in the world of voice and data communications, the new IP-PBX system with an increased capacity of NSX1000/2000. As the PBX system already allows Internet access, VoIP communications and traditional telephone communications, all using a single line; Panasonic brings the most advanced version with a better capacity, with upto 32 network sites and also connects various terminals such as IP-CS, single-cell wireless phone and IP communication camera.


  • Video Intercom

Panasonic adds new elements in the Home Safety Network category. At GITEX 2015, we are introducing the Video Intercom System (VL-V900) which is highly scalable and supports multiple connections upto to 3 Lobby Stations to monitor 560 rooms through a single block. This system also has the capacity to connect a second VL-V900 for greater capacity. The product is specifically designed for condominiums and residential communities. The 3 level of monitoring is a distinctive feature of this device which enhances the level of security.

The users are allowed to monitor premises and intercom the guard house through integration with CCTV system and PBX (Telephone System). The product offers easy and cost effective usage and also facilitates tracing back logs for Audit purposes.


Panasonic Booth


October 18th – October 22nd


A3-5 at Hall 3


Dubai World Trade Centre


Innovative Business Solutions, Archiving and Communications Solutions


About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and engineering of electronic technologies and solutions for customers in residential, non-residential, mobility and personal applications. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates around 500 consolidated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.74 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2014. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company strives to create a better life and a better world for its customers.


About Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE (PMMAF)

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE (PMMAF) is the regional Headquarters, all functions related to Sales and Marketing, Supply chain and Customer service solutions, and Advertising functions under the brand name Panasonic is handled by PMMAF. The vision at PMMAF is to be the No 1 Customer-centric Company and No 1 Customer-preferred brand in the Middle East and Africa region.


Source: Issued by Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa