The UAE’s leading F&B art platform, COYA Dubai starts 2017 with a fresh artistic vision. This January, the Peruvian hotspot welcomes internationally exhibited Syrian artist, Osama Nassar showcasing his pieces for the very first time in the UAE with his exhibition “Splashes” to open the COYA Collective showcase for the year.  Starting from the 16th of January, Nassar will be exhibiting his pieces for approximately six weeks in COYA’s Members Club.


Starting the New Year, Osama’s exhibition will tell of the world’s humanity and focuses on the solid truth of being optimistic in times of trouble, artificiality and vulgarity. From personal experiences and linking to his country, he has characterized some formations full of sarcastic expressions, blundering its potential with the strong colors that are dominant in most of his artworks. The viewer can note the broad graduations of regular colors with focusing on the general view while neglecting the details. The contrasting colors were intended to be harmonious at the same time in order to takes the viewers into a world of hope. Nassar’s content will take viewers to an emotional state of mind linked to the past, while exposing the story of the future, which you will notice in most of his art works the reflection of awaiting, anticipation, dreams and pure hope.

“The real source which I build paintings from is the external intimations and signs that I cannot control, that still roam in my mind from the first splash of painting till the end. In this empty endless vacuum, dreaming characters are sitting which are created from my imagination; waiting silently, hopefully and patiently with no complaint. These characters sometimes smile for an unknown reason. Despite their rigid looks, there's an internal movement that passes with that colorful smile. This is the smile that carries a lot of expressions and memoires of the people I've met in my whole life and who left their impressions in one way or another.” – Osama Nassar

We are excited to start 2017 by sharing such a simple but universal message. The stories behind Osama’s work and the underlying positivity behind it is something that we strive to deliver to our guests and abide by daily. It is wonderful and exciting for us when the key messages behind an artist’s work we collaborate with for the COYA Collective can resound and be upheld by all areas of our multi-dimensional outlet,” said Cedric Toussaint, Director of Operations, COYA Dubai.


*All Artwork showcased at COYA Dubai is available for purchase


About COYA Dubai

Opening on the 16th of December 2014 in the Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah Beach, COYA Dubai is a sister property of the famous Zuma and La Petite Maison in DIFC. COYA Dubai serves contemporary Peruvian cuisine and spans over 189 seats in the restaurant, 40 seats in the enclosed veranda and is also home to the colourful destination bar, the Pisco Lounge, extensive wine showcase corridor and stunning Members’ Club in bespoke furnishings. Internationally renowned as a one-stop party venue, COYA Dubai is the perfect place to dine, drink and dance. Seating 21 indoors and 25 in the enclosed veranda, the Pisco Lounge started the world’s very first Pisco Library with over 15 different homemade Pisco infusions and is Dubai’s most visited destination to sample a Pisco Sour. With a cigar lounge in tow, the COYA member’s club is not only home to a roster of some of the finest live acts playing seven days a week, it is also the hosting venue for many of the art exhibitions under the COYA Collective. As part of COYA’s unique, multi-dimensional dining experience, the COYA Collective exists as a form of expression and acts as a link between cuisine and the arts. 



COYA Dubai won three major awards in their first year of operations with the highly coveted


What’s On Awards

‘Best Newcomer of the Year’ 2015

‘Favourite The Americas Restaurant’ 2015


ProChef Middle East Awards

“Best Restaurant of the Year’ 2015

TimeOut Awards

“Best Americas” 2016

“Restaurant of the year”


Hendricks’ Cucumber Cup

Winner- 2016 



In April 2016, COYA Dubai continued gaining international acclaim when it participated in a Global Cook-off with South Korea’s most illustrious chefs in the cooking show “Global cook-off” produced by one of South Korea’s most renowned stations JTBC and won its Dubai segment and took home the bronze in the international competitions.


Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 12.30pm - 3.30pm
Sat - Tue 7pm- 12.00am
Wed - Fri 7pm- 12.30am
Pisco Lounge
Sat – Tue 12.30pm- 1.15am
Fri - Fri 12.30pm- 2.00am


About COYA

COYA’s flagship restaurant was launched in London on the 15th November, 2012. Two years later in 2014, COYA London takes home the prestigious title ‘Best Restaurant of the Year’ at the London Lifestyle Awards and goes international, bringing the same vibrant spirit of Latin America to Dubai and Miami. Famed for its bespoke décor, designed by the London based design team Sagrada, COYA links vibrant, contemporary Peruvian cuisine with a cultural experience. Hosting a continuous flow of artistic entertainment in music and the arts all year round, COYA is renowned for its creative cuisine and dynamic dining experiences.


About Osama Nassar

Syrian visual artist Osama Nassar was born in Damascus and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus (Syria) in 2011. He started sketching and drawing at the tender age of six and then went on to pursue higher degrees in the fine arts, choosing specifically to follow a career choosing the expressive art corridor. Nassar has since participated in numerous group exhibitions in Syria, Lebanon and Italy and went on to open his own gallery: Nassar gallery in Damascus, Syria. Now residing in the UAE, Nassar still remains a member of the Fine Artists Association in Damascus, Syria and despite his young age, has 500 artworks under his belt- distributed in Syria, Lebanon and the UAE. 

Nassar’s artworks show his talent, passion and love for ‘the world of colors’ and have been instinctively influenced by Renaissance artists like Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer. As a student, he traced out many of their famous art works and over the years, built his own style, technique and color metrics from the influence of these great masters. His work moves from realism to the expressionism movement and is used as a platform to express his joy, sorrow, pain, love, memories and fear of the future- or in some, cases perhaps from the past.


Source: The Portsmouth Group