This August, students across Jordan received their first AS results from Pearson’s revised modular International A level suite.

Pearson Edexcel International AS and A levels (IAS and IAL) differ from A levels as they have a flexible and modular structure. They maintain the rigorous standards of all Pearson Edexcel qualifications, and are comparable to the UK A level, as confirmed by NARIC (National Agency for the Recognition and Comparison of International Qualifications and Skills). Most offer three examination windows: January, June and October, giving students more options when applying to local and international universities.

Kathryn Booth, Head of Academic Qualifications for Pearson Middle East congratulates all students in Jordan receiving their International AS and A-Levels results from Pearson Edexcel today commenting, “Good luck to learners receiving their International AS and A levels today in Jordan. It’s a particularly notable day for all those receiving their IAS qualifications, as this marks the first set of learners receiving an award of the revised qualifications. However, for all learners, it marks the culmination of months of hard work and determination, and I wish them much success.

“Our Rosary congregation believes in the British educational system being one of the most efficient education systems. So we have adopted Pearson qualification as our advanced program at the secondary level as it supports our students with the necessary skills to achieve further success in their lives. Pearson qualifications also enable our students to handle today’s as well as tomorrow’s challenges in seeking their higher education or career in their lives”, commented Sr.Dr. Muna Al Nemri, school principal at Rosary School Marj Elhamam in Jordan.

This year’s International AS and A-Levels students in Jordan had their exams spread throughout the course. Students were offered the choice and flexibility for exam success, and exam revision was broken down into unit-sized chunks, enabling learners to focus their revision on fewer exams at a time and giving them the freedom to complete the course at their ideal pace.

Developed in consultation with the international school community across the world, including a large number of teachers and university lecturers, they have been designed specifically to meet the needs of learners outside of the UK. An A level qualification with an international outlook, they provide students with the skills and knowledge to seamlessly progress to higher and further study, and also to employment.

“We have designed our International AS and A levels qualifications so that they provide educators with the flexibility to teach a modular A level qualification, and learners to learners to take examinations at the right time for them.

They also provide access to the very best local and global universities, opening doors to Higher Education and employment opportunities. The modular nature of these high-stakes qualifications is a key reason as to why Pearson Edexcel’s International AS and A levels are the most popular UK curriculum qualifications at this level in Jordan.” added Booth.

Pearson Edexcel’s International AS and A Levels are recognised by top local and international universities around the world. With explicitly signposted transferable skills, the qualifications ensure that students understand the skills they are developing as part of their studies, which adds value to their progression to university and their future career.

Source: sherpacomms