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Gold demand breaks record levels: the search term "Gold Investment" has reached the peak of its popularity in Google compared to January and February. Compared to the same period last year, the relative search volume increased by around 97% worldwide. This information derives from research by based on Google Trends. The sharp increase in demand coincides with the outbreak of the coronavirus, which makes a correlation highly likely.

Tesla stock has been on fire. Shares are up more than 190% from 2019 lows, leaving investors to wonder what’s next for the electric-vehicle pioneer. On Wednesday, Tesla reported a profit for the final quarter of 2019 — its second quarterly profit in a row. The stock doubled since Oct. 23, the day before it jumped more than 17% on an earnings-fuelled gap up. The main achievement is, according to Gulf Brokers, that TESLA sold 367,500 cars in total in 2019 — more than it sold in 2018 and 2017 together.