In celebration of UAE’s 50th anniversary, the Abu Dhabi Community Cooperative (ADCC), a first-of-its-kind Emirati entity dedicated to empowering members of the UAE community through innovative solutions to improve their quality of life, has announced the launch of its first project – the region’s first online store that relies on cooperative principles to deliver services in vital sectors to society. 

Currently in its first phase, the digital platform will be accessible only to the cooperative’s members who will enjoy a free 30-day subscription starting December 2, as ADCC celebrates the UAE’s Golden Jubilee. Subsequently, all members of the public will be able to access this e-store.

This subscription page can be accessed at ADCC official website:

In its first phase, the online store offers 100,000 competitively priced, quality, and community development-oriented products for purchase. This number is expected to grow to 1,000,000 by the end of 2022. The products include electronics, fashion and beauty goods, home and office appliances, grocery items, healthcare and baby products. Other purchasing options include picnic, camping and sporting products.

ADCC’s first major development project, the online store is designed to cater to fulfil the needs of the community and help them attain self-sufficiency in vital sectors of education, healthcare, employment and entertainment, in a participatory fashion where individual contributions lead to inclusive, sustainable development under a visionary leadership. The store’s launch in conjunction with the UAE’s 50th National Day shines light on ADCC’s belief in the role of societal partnerships in a cooperative setting to foster the values of patriotism, loyalty and belongingness.

According to ADCC, this online store is poised to usher a socioeconomic revolution through
e-commerce in the region as it based on the ‘cashback principle’, meaning buyers of ADCC’s products/services will benefit from receiving attractive cashbacks, while the rest will go into boosting ADCC’s socioeconomic role and support its financial status from statutory reserve. Part of the revenue will be harnessed to offer social support through projects that ADCC will announce soon.

The cashback generated by each purchase will be credited transparently and efficiently to dedicated membership cards, which all members will receive upon confirming their subscriptions.

‘Revolutionising the traditional cooperative concept’

HE Ali Al Saloom, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ADCC, asserted that the cooperative’s projects are inspired by their aim to serve community’s fast-changing needs and interests, and this online store is a manifestation of the same. He further added that the e-store was a step in the direction of revolutionising the traditional cooperative concept by offering innovative economic solutions in a way that is relatable to a modern society. 

“This e-store redefines the concept of online shopping in the way it integrates consumers within our investment projects, enabling them to become partners of and active contributors to the development of this store. We will be actively following up on consumer needs, demands and consumption activities and will be gathering regular feedback on their preferred approaches,” Al Saloom added.

Al Saloom called on all UAE citizens to participate in this first-of-its-kind community focused project, adding that their aim is to broaden its scope in record time through which ADCC will fuel its ambition to contribute to the UAE’s inclusive development process.

The ADCC was established in 2019 pursuant to Ministerial Resolution issued by the Ministry of Economy. It was sponsored and empowered by the Emirates for Community Empowerment, the incubating company of third-sector entities that enhances socio-economic innovation to elevate the quality of life in the UAE.

Source: National Network Communications – NNC

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