Yesterday, Binghatti Holding Group celebrated its 10th anniversary in Dubai. Over the years, it has achieved outstanding milestones and successes that contributed to its strong presence in several economic sectors, including real estate development, industry and hospitality in the local, regional and international markets.

Over the past decade, Dubai-based Binghatti Holding has been able to sharpen its distinctive footprint in diverse businesses as well as in innovating new products and brands that have attracted a great number of investors, end-users and end-consumers. The value of its fixed and income-producing assets has risen to AED 5 billion.

"Dubai has all the essential components needed for investment in various sectors that provide long-term profitable returns," said Mohammed Binghatti, Chief Executive Officer, Binghatti Holding. "We believe in the future vision of our wise government, and we are open to all investment opportunities in the markets of the UAE and the GCC region, which we believe is rich with promising opportunities."

Real Estate Development

Over the past 40 years, Binghatti Developers, the real estate development and investment arm of Binghatti Holding, has completed 40 projects with a total value of over AED 4 billion and has provided about 6,000 residential units in different parts of Dubai, such as Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Land and Jumeirah Village Circle.

The company is currently working on 12 projects at different stages of design and completion, which will provide by the coming year 4000 housing units, at a rate of 2000 units per year. Binghatti Developers is aiming to seize the best investment opportunities. It plans to launch more projects on its wholly owned land that exceeds 4 million sq. ft. in different areas in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai Land, Business Bay, Al Jaddaf and Dubai Healthcare City, while planning to acquire more land.

In the year 2018, Binghatti Developers launched its iconic Millennium Binghatti Residences on the canal at Business Bay with investments amounting to AED 400 million. It has completed a number of transactions with local and regional investment funds and banks and has been awarded several local, regional and international awards. The company was chosen by Forbes as one of the top 100 companies in the Arab world. Moreover, Mr. Mohammed Binghatti was also chosen by the Dubai Land Department as the most influential figure in the real estate sector.

Binghatti Industries

The total area of the Binghatti Beverages manufacturing facility in the Kizad region of Abu Dhabi is 1 million sq. ft. with total investments amounting to AED 500 million. It produces several products, such as Al Rawabi Juice and Milkster, which are sold at Carrefour stores, 100 ENOCs, Zoom Market and a number of cooperatives. It also exports its products to several markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

Binghatti Industries is developing new juice and water products and plans to develop and expand in the coming years. It has recently launched a new AED 20 million production line in collaboration with KHS International, which specializes in filling healthy and energy beverages. It has also entered into a partnership agreement with the Austrian company Rauch to manufacture and fill Rauch juice products in Binghatti Industries factory.

Furthermore, Binghatti Industries has established a specialized factory for manufacturing wood, aluminum and marble. The factory extends over an area of 100 thousand sq. ft. in Dubai Silicon Oasis with investments amounting to over AED 40 million.

Binghatti Hospitality

Binghatti Hospitality has created five new brands in the local and regional food & beverage market. They are spread across 47 branches located in popular and attractive locations for visitors and tourists in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The brands include "Cupagahwa" (40 branches), ​Aghatti Restaurant (2 branches), ​​So-Ghawi (2 branches), Slice & Bun (1 branch), and Creptastic (2 branches). At the same time, the company is expanding its regional reach in the Middle East.

Dubai – The Land of Success and Prosperity

"In less than two decades, and guided by the vision and wisdom of our wise leadership, Dubai has managed to create an integrated and multi-component urban investment environment that enjoys a highly developed infrastructure," said Binghatti Holding CEO. "Today, this beautiful city is a prime destination for more than 200 nationalities from around the world. It is a destination for investment, employment, housing and tourism."

Inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Binghatti Holding adopts the slogan of X2 for its performance in 2019. We aim to double the Group's revenues in various sectors while focusing on distribution, marketing and doubling the performance and productivity of our staff. We adopt speed and intelligence in the use of materials, while promoting quality, creativity and uniqueness.

We also focus on the primary goal of completing tasks in record time and with high quality by building on the vertical integration plan in our human resources. We have adopted a policy that promotes integration and completion of all our business from the ground up, and across the different stages of manufacturing, marketing, selling, management and investment while ensuring excellent returns for our customers.


Source: Cicero and Benay

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