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Smart Crowd, the first and only financial regulated digital investment platform in MENA has officially completed a property transaction in fintech. Earlier this month, Smart Crowd crowdfunded a small studio in Remraam offering investors an opportunity to earn an approximately10.8% gross yield and 8.68% net yield. Over a 5-year term, the investors are projected to make 54.69% return on investment, translating into an annualized return of 9.74% assuming an annual capital appreciation of 3%. This major milestone establishes the innovation and validity of their platform.

Summer is here and there’s no denying summers in the UAE are HOT. According to the Emirates Green Building Council, HVAC systems account for 70 per cent of our building’s energy usage. So, it’s no surprise that electrical demand goes up in the warm summer months. Meanwhile, HVAC equipment kicks into high gear to keep occupants cool. It’s the annual conundrum as building operators struggle to maintain the balance between cost and comfort.

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