Remote working has come to the forefront of business operations and practices across all sectors in recent months, emphasizing the vital role that technology plays in today’s society.

Seamless experiences are essential to success while working from home, something continuously provided with the Galaxy S20 series. Comprising enhanced features and next-generation capabilities, the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra each enables users to communicate and fulfill tasks and responsibilities efficiently and effectively from home, setting the standards for customers’ remote working demands and expectations both now and in the future. Here, we explore how Samsung enthusiasts continue to enjoy seamless remote working experiences with the Galaxy S20 series:

Improved ability to interact through world-class software

Samsung has considered every detail with the design of One UI 2, the brand-new software overlay developed by Samsung for the latest devices – including the Galaxy S20 series. No matter the screen size, One UI 2 allows for natural and dynamic interaction with colleagues and platforms while working remotely. Whether answering incoming calls, responding to emails, or moving an app’s icon around the Home Screen, the Galaxy S20 series’ interaction responses align intuitively with the way the smartphone functions, empowering you to work seamlessly at home using their device.

A long-lasting battery to accommodate your every need

Almost every consumer has experienced their battery running out at wrong time – when in the middle of call, before expecting one or when writing an important email. With the Galaxy S20 series, such occurrences are a thing of the past thanks to a powerful all-day battery which maxes out at 5000mAh. The battery intelligent and resilient in equal measure, capable of adjusting to your mobile habits to reserve power and last way longer on a single charge – ensuring productivity never comes to a sudden halt whilst working. What’s more, anybody seeking peace of mind can also keep a charge on hand wherever they go with a 25W Wireless Battery Pack. These slim devices pack plenty of power, harnessing 25W to recharge devices with substantial speed.

Enhanced communication experiences with haptic feedback

A smartphone’s haptic feedback is the vibration coming from the device when interacting with it to perform desired actions. When browsing through your contact list to call people, in this case for work purposes, you will receive improved haptic feedback that signifies moving from one letter to the next while using the vertical index, which appears on the right side of the screen. Finding contacts has never been easier and more precise when trying to reach colleagues, the potential of skipping past people while searching for them is also substantially reduced. What’s more, typing has never been more precise, and refined feedback also allows for a better overall experience. The haptic feedback also varies by input when using your device, providing distinct vibrations for regular keys, feature keys, and delete keys – while there are noticeable differences in feedback when holding down the backspace button and deleting characters. Whether calling people, writing important emails or contacting people through a host of available applications, communication processes while working remotely have never been more efficient and effective.

Responsive and satisfying viewing experiences

A display’s ‘refresh rate’ refers to the number of times the display loads new information every second. The Galaxy S20 series features a display with a 120Hz refresh rate, which has proven to provide responsive and satisfying viewing experiences that drive enhanced engagement with all work-related tasks. The faster refresh rate means scrolling, zooming, and exploring through websites, apps, and platforms while working is easier and quicker, boosting your performance, productivity, and the overall remote working experience.

Source: MSL Group

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