This past February marked the beginning of yet another chapter in smartphone innovation following the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip, the next-generation device that has met and exceeded the expectations of Samsung enthusiasts right from the get-go. In the months and even years leading up to its release, Galaxy users' demand for a product that provided better portability and enhanced functionalities to complement their dynamic lifestyles was continuing to rise. This is precisely what was delivered with the Galaxy Z Flip – to the delight and subsequent joy from everybody who has purchased the device.

Comprising a full-screen phone that folds to fit in your pocket with revolutionary flexible glass, a world-class camera made to stand on its own, and an intelligent dual battery that lasts all day, the Galaxy Z Flip has succeeded in changing the shape of the future. The potential has been realized, and the possibilities that come with it need to be understood to be explored. In particular, one aspect is the Galaxy Z Flip's folding feature, which emphasizes just how revolutionary the device is.

The physical design was an essential part of the engineering process as Samsung strived to give users all the advantages of a large screen in a stylish and compact form factor that fits effortlessly in our hands' palm. No matter the scenario, where you are, or what you are doing, Galaxy Z Flip users never compromise on convenience, experience, or style. Of course, the big question is, 'how do you best make use of the Galaxy Z Flip's folding feature?'

As the latest and most innovative foldable smartphone experience, the Galaxy Z Flip has been built for the modern consumer lifestyle – allowing you to do more, from multiple angles, hands-free. A prime example of this is Flex Mode, which was designed exclusively for the device's unique form factor. Flex Mode delivers a whole new mobile experience, and when the device is free-standing, the display splits into two 4-inch screens – allowing you to control apps on the bottom half and view them on the top half for enhanced user experiences. Whether you're taking a photo, video chatting, or watching YouTube; Galaxy Z Flip makes the mobile experience more accessible and far more convenient. With a new foldable UX specially-designed for Galaxy Z Flip, you can discover exciting new ways to use the device—from reimagining how we take selfies to enabling hands-free video chatting thanks to Galaxy Z Flip's unique form factor and custom-built user interface.

At the same time, you can take advantage of a flexible camera experience and capture shots from multiple angles with Galaxy Z Flip's folding mechanism and Flex Mode, without the need for accessories or stands. Snap hands-free selfies for your social media feeds, capture stunning Night Hyperlapse videos, and enjoy seamless video recording with the front camera at virtually any angle with a new 16:9 ratio perfect for uploading content to YouTube. Another way to make the best use of the Galaxy Z Flip's folding feature is Single Take, which lets you stay in the moment while you're capturing – with a portfolio of photo and video options simultaneously along with recommendations regarding the best shots to make content selection more straightforward than ever before.

Whether the device is folded, standing, or opened flat, you can also stay connected and easily see what's important, so you never miss a call or message. Check your notifications on the cover display and answer calls without even unfolding. Whenever you need to respond to a text, tap the notification and unfold your device. The Galaxy Z Flip also offers seamless multi-tasking with Multi-Active Window, which can be opened from the right side of the display where you can drag and drop the apps you wish to use at any given time.

There are many ways to best make use of the Galaxy Z Flip's foldable feature, which is innovative and versatile in equal measure. Not only has the device taken leadership in the foldable smartphone category, but it has also demonstrated the tremendous potential for new mobile experiences through its stylish design, compact form factor, and world-class capabilities.

Source: MSL Group