Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) has announced the introduction of a new range of zero-offset lenses designed to further enhance the versatility of Panasonic’s 1-Chip and 3-Chip DLP projectors.

The new releases include the ET-DLE020 ultra-short throw (UST) lens, the world’s first featuring Powered Optical Zoom, designed to fit the brand’s 1-Chip DLP projectors.  The ET-D3LEW200 short-throw zoom lens and ET-D3LEU100 ultra-short throw lens, meanwhile, have been developed for Panasonic’s high brightness 3-Chip DLP laser projectors.

All three lenses all three lenses feature full range powered lens shift to realize greater adjustment flexibility, as well as ensure that images are projected in a crisp, clean and unobstructed manner, this according to Thameem Ahammed, Product Manager, PMMAF.

“Our new line-up of zero-offset lenses push the boundaries of projection to the next level.  They are game-changing in terms of the scope of installations, allowing our customers to deliver spectacular images at short distance, thought to be impossible previously.  Panasonic’s projectors have always been known for their stunning imagery and astounding durability – now, with this lens offering complete flexibility and convenience, we are confident that this range will be able to meet all possible requirements from organizatons across key sectors, including education, retail, corporate, healthcare and more,” Ahammed added.

·         ET-DLE020 Ultra-Short Throw Zoom Lens

ET-DLE020 is the industry's first ultra-short throw lens featuring powered optical zoom.  It offers a reduced throw distance with flexible zoom to project in extremely tight spaces, as well as diminishes on-screen shadows from presenters or people passing in front of the screen.  Additionally, it supports a 0.28–0.30:1 (WUXGA) throw ratio and powered lens shift of +50 % to -16 % (V) and +23 % to -10 % (H) to enhance freedom of screen adjustment in all four directions.

·         ET-D3LEU100 Ultra Short‐Throw Lens

With a throw ratio of 0.40:1 (WUXGA), this ultra-short throw lens offers flexible installation options for 3-Chip DLP projectors to accommodate projecting in tight spaces from very short distances.  The L-shaped design eliminates the issue of screen offset, giving the audience a clear and unobstructed view of the image even in low-ceiling installations or projection in space-constrained environments.

·         ET-D3LEW200 Short Throw Zoom Lens

The ET-D3LEW200 has a throw ratio of 0.65 – 0.85:1 (WUXGA).  It is also ideal for projection in tight spaces, but further enhances flexibility with a powered optical zoom, eliminating offset without increasing projection distance. Its novel L-shaped design eliminates lens under-hang, ensuring an unobstructed view.

Source: Intelligent Marketing Consultants