On a day-to-day basis, our clothes and household fabrics take the brunt of the dirt and germs we encounter. However, summer time in the GCC can mean even more germs attaching themselves to the fabric of our clothes. With the mercury rising, we are sweating more profusely, even in the few minutes that we send outside, and with the heat also comes more dust than in cooler months.

To get rid of these germs and keep them from spreading throughout our homes, we depend on our washing machines to do more than remove stains and odors. Beyond these functions, a good washer should also eliminate the microbial contamination that can put your family’s health and hygiene at risk. With this in mind, Samsung has designed its revolutionary QuickDrive™ washing technology to ensure that your clothes don’t just come out of the wash looking clean and smelling fresh – but that they’re also bacteria-free every time.

The true clean provided by the QuickDrive™ washing machine starts with its design. Unlike conventional washers, QuickDrive™ is equipped with Samsung’s breakthrough Q-Drum™, which is composed of a large main drum with a plate in the back that rotates independently so clothes move from top to bottom in the drum as well as back and forth. This generates a dynamic action powered by double forces that remove dirt and bacteria quickly, gently, and thoroughly with an intense and complete washing cycle.

Alongside its unique mechanics, the QuickDrive™ washer is also equipped with Q-Rator, Samsung’s intelligent laundry assistant. Among Q-Rator’s key smart features is Laundry Recipe, which recommends optimal washing cycles based on load information such as color, fabric type, and degree of soiling. This feature, alongside Auto Optimal Wash, which uses four dedicated sensors to automatically disperse the perfect amount of detergent into each load, ensures that you’re always using the appropriate water temperature and machine cycle to get the best possible wash.

Furthermore, the QuickDrive™ washing machine boasts a range of innovative laundry technologies that strengthen its washing power even more. Among these are EcoBubble™, which mixies air and water to generate fine detergent bubbles that penetrate fabrics faster and better to maximize the detergent’s effects; and Bubble Soak, a 30-minute add-on for any cycle that allows your fabrics to sit and soak inside the washer for an even deeper clean.

But all these features would be moot without the Eco Drum Clean+ cycle, which helps keep your machine clean for optimal washing performance every time. The Eco Drum Clean+ cycle cleans the inside of the drum, and the rubber seal, where mold and bacteria tend to accumulate, to keep germs and odors at bay. What’s more, for complete ease of use and superior hygiene, the QuickDrive™ washer even reminds you when it needs to be cleaned.

Beyond its wide variety of features and functions that keep your family’s health and hygiene at the forefront, Samsung’s QuickDrive™ washing machine also reduces washing time and energy use substantially. Now, keeping your family’s hygiene in check is easier than ever with the washing machine that eliminates bacteria and contamination from every fiber.


Source: MSL Group

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