Enabling consumers to be more environmentally conscious and designing appliances based on changing needs and behaviors, the all-new 60cm Ariston Dishwasher saves water, energy and time. This new dishwasher comes in a clean, contemporary design which seamlessly fits into today’s kitchens, while saving valuable resources that can create a more relaxed everyday life.

With this launch, Ariston has elevated its offerings in the dishwashing category, bringing best-in-class performance, impeccable results and personalization of settings straight into your kitchen. Removing stubborn dirt is now history with the latest innovation in dishwashing by Ariston.

Serving as an ultimate kitchen ally, the dishwasher offers unprecedented flexibility and performance without compromise. Whether you’re fighting a full load of dishes with tough baked grease or washing smaller loads, the new 3D Zone Wash technology takes care of both situations with the highest level of efficiency, making hand washing a thing of the past! An innovative system of multiple water sprayers directs water exactly where it’s needed, with the perfect combination between outstanding cleaning and flexible loading to get the perfect wash for all your dishes, glassware, flatware and cookware. Moreover, the dishwasher silently performs at every cleaning cycle, allowing it to take care of dishes without causing any noise or disruption. It also lets you focus on cleaning just one basket to wash smaller loads while saving energy.

Ariston appliances offer innovative and engaging technology to enable consumers to care for what matters to them the most, while being certain of always achieving the desired end result. Now you can spend more time caring for your family as Ariston cares for your dishes in your home.

3D Zone Wash: This new technology enables selection of the basket and cycle depending on type of dirt and the quantity of dishes. The 3D Zone Wash three-dimensionally directs the powerful water jets into the selected washing zone, for complete coverage and impeccable cleaning. You can choose both the intensity and one of the three baskets to use for your wash. In this way, 3D Zone Wash will give 40% more cleaning power1 compared to a full load intensive cycle or, in case of a few dishes to be cleaned, it will give 40% more energy efficiency2 compared to a full load normal cycle.

Inverter Motor: Thanks to its ability to vary the spinning speed, the innovative Inverter Motor can properly calibrate water pressure and cleaning force at all times. The magnets allow a precise control of sprayers, directing the water with the right pressure, in the right spot and at the right time.

Silence: The Inverter Motor optimizes sprays mechanical action, reducing vibrations and minimizing noise in each cleaning cycle. This allows the new dishwasher range to reach a minimal noise level of 39 dB(A)3.

Active Oxygen: The exclusive technology, which is Ariston’s international patent, releases active oxygen molecules that neutralize bad odours when dirty tableware is in the dishwasher.

Flexi Zone: The dishwasher allows maximum load flexibility with 13, 14 and 15 covers. Each configuration is equipped with mobile elements for an efficient arrangement of your dishes.

Glass Care System: The special Glass Care system includes a holder that folds out to maximise the number of glasses of different sizes that can be safely loaded, with spotless cleaning and thorough drying of glass ensured by a dedicated Glass Care cycle.


Source: Golin

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