Zurich International Life Limited in the Middle East launches a new tele-interview process for new life insurance customers in the UAE. Together with additional measures around payment flexibility, and an invitation for customers to join an online community to share their concerns and needs, the organisation is actively seeking for ways to assist new and existing customers through this challenging time.

Key Highlights:

Conducted by an expert medical practitioner, the tele-interview service offers those customers seeking life insurance as part of their mortgage or facility-linked protection requirements, the opportunity to complete medical screening from home.

Subject to policy terms and conditions, Zurich is offering a three-month grace period from the date premium payments are due.

Z-One, an online community consisting of the general public and Zurich customers is being opened up to more policyholders, inviting their feedback and on the current COVID-19 pandemic.  

As the global pandemic COVID-19 continues to unfold, Zurich in the Middle East has expressed its commitment to assist customers.  The insurer introduced a new tele-interview process for all new term assurance and decreasing term assurance policies for Mortgage cases during the current COVID-19 period. Taking only 20-30 mins to complete, this screening is conducted by a medical practitioner, over the phone and at a time convenient to the customer. As all medical information is managed in accordance with Zurich’s industry leading data commitment and local regulatory standards, customers can rest assured that their data is treated with the highest category of confidentiality.

Walter Jopp, CEO of Zurich in the Middle East says “In the current quarantine environment, the health and safety of our customers and employees are our first priority. This telephone health assessment service offers customers in the UAE an opportunity to undergo the life insurance application process from their home without the threat of physical contact and any potential exposure to COVID-19. We are committed to our community and will continue to provide the highest levels of support and service during this challenging time.”

As part of this commitment, Zurich in the Middle East has offered relief to any customers experiencing financial difficulty. In addition to a 3-month grace period, a number of products entitle the customer to a premium holiday subject to its terms and conditions. Zurich has advised that customers should review the terms and conditions to better understand the impact of altering their policy and recommends discussions with a financial adviser before making any changes.

To better understand the impact of the current pandemic on customers and their needs, Zurich is going directly to the source - inviting customers to join the Z-One online community, a discussion forum facilitated by Zurich via an independent third-party provider. Walter Jopp who on numerous occasions has affirmed the company’s customer first philosophy adds “It is by listening intently to the ideas and feedback from this forum, in talking directly to our customers, that we can understand what they are going through and what we can to do help. We fully expect to use these insights to inform our decision making.”

Source: Insight Discovery