Studies and reports

The clouds have rolled in for a few weeks which can only mean that the temperatures are on the way up. As we watch the mercury rise, make the most of March and April! They are a special time to host family and friends in Dubai or look for a springtime experience abroad before Ramadan starts and the scorching summer hits. Airbnb, the accommodation and Experiences platform, that enables inspiring and unique travel experiences, has shared fresh data on where their guests are traveling this spring. Maybe some inspiration for your own travel adventures?

A KPMG report, ‘Cost of doing business in Bahrain – Financial Services’, has revealed Bahrain as the most cost effective place in the Gulf to set up and do business in the Financial Services sector, with companies enjoying up to 35% cost savings compared with the rest of the region.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) economic wellbeing is on a sustained recovery path thanks to a positive global outlook, rise in oil prices, and improved domestic demand. Analysts across the region are highly optimistic that the MENA’s economy will fully rebound in 2019 as a result of economic stabilization policies and reforms instituted by the respective governments.

Everyone knows that the pain you experience when researching your holiday can leave you feeling pretty ‘salty’. Whether it’s a long-haul holiday to trek through the Himalayas or a relaxing stay in a hotel treehouse – the struggle is real. New research reveals that budding travelers are suffering from ‘net lag’ in the never-ending legwork to avoid that #basic trip.

Global markets from stocks to corporate bonds and commodities have experienced strong performance in recent weeks on upbeat comments from US and Chinese trade negotiators. The attention has been so intense that markets have struggled to hear the drumbeat from weak economic data growing ever louder.