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Has Abenomics been a success, or has it been a dismal failure for Japan? The answer to that question is likely to determine markets’ attitude towards the country as an investment opportunity.

 “In a world of monetary policy experiments, Japan is on speed”

The UAE’s insatiable demand for computer electronics, coffee and health and beauty products continue to drive consumer search trends, according to latest research into fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) conducted by the award winning online digital marketing suite, SEMrush.


USD likely to weaken

Although the expected number of rate increases is unchanged, US Fed Chair Powell said that rather that changing those rates to prevent anticipated inflation, he would wait for inflation to lead the way. Powell employed a bland, conciliatory tone, emphasizing that should the economy need further stimulus the bank would not hesitate to use all the tools at its disposal, including buying more bonds. We expect EUR/USD to rally.

While the vast majority of UAE parents believe their child’s school offers value for money, a sizeable number thinks they do not, new data from YouGov reveals.

Dubai schools are attempting to stay attractive to parents with fee freeze and ‘mid-range fee’ offerings. Now, new YouGov research explores how parental attitudes compare to their experiences with their children’s education.

The global credit impulse is falling again, mainly in developed-market economies and due largely to the normalisation of monetary policy. The message from the slower credit impulse is that growth and domestic demand are headed for a slowdown, unless the world’s largest economies launch a massive coordinated intervention in 2019.