In late November Summertown Interiors, the UAE’s leading fit-out contractor specialising in green interiors, joined its global partners from The United Workplace (TUW), at a WORKTECH18 London panel to discuss its new collaborative report – The Puzzle of Productivity – which focuses on key factors that contribute to enhancing workplace performance.

The ‘Puzzle of Productivity’ report was developed by Fourfront Group and The United Workplace in partnership with WORKTECH Academy - the global online platform and community for the future of work and workplace. The research for the report was based on participants from organisations in the UK, USA, Australia, South America and UAE, as well as via WORKTECH’s global network. The report explores the parameters of the subject of workplace performance by presenting the results and implications on key factors and attitudes around driving up performance in the global workplace.

Results found that more than half of respondents surveyed (53 per cent) named leadership as the most important factor in raising organisational performance. Less than a fifth of respondents named environment, technology or wellness as being the most important factor. Environment came second to leadership, but a long way behind on 18 per cent of the survey.

Commenting on the findings, Marcos Bish, Managing Director of Summertown Interiors said: “The report highlights leadership as the top factor influencing productivity, but importantly there are key strategic areas that need to work in conjunction with leadership to boost performance.

The findings of the survey present a number of ideas for organisations interested in improving employee productivity. As companies seek to integrate the major drivers of productivity – leadership, environment, technology and wellness – there is an urgent and growing priority for more holistic and joined-up thinking in workplace strategy.”

“As mentioned in the report, the working environment is one that enhances productivity and goes beyond the merely functional. This partnership between design and leadership is vital if organisational performance can be improved. Effective leaders will take the holistic and integrate view of organisational performance – as such, they must not ignore wellness. It is coming up fast as an issue in terms of interest and engagement – but there is still a lack of practical awareness about how it can be addressed and how the right workplace choices around space and technology can support health and wellbeing imperatives,” added Bish.


Source: Mojo PR