Medical News

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched round-the-clock interactive and smart online portal for the Visiting Consultants Programme through a seamless data exchange between different internal systems in full compliance with patient’s confidentiality and digital safety standards. 

You may have heard about Uber’s recent acquisition of Careem which has brought global focus to the Middle-East but Careem isn’t the only UAE born company that is making the news. In 2013, many people questioned how °CRYO, a cryogenic manufacturer and treatment provider homegrown in the UAE, would be successful. Over the last five years; however, °CRYO has not only spearheaded the cryogenic industry from the desert but has also expanded its clientele across the globe. °CRYO has pioneered the most advanced cryotherapy chambers in cold therapy, revolutionising the way the industry performs whole body and localised cryotherapy.

Eisai Co., Ltd. will launch the mouth freshener Travelmin Support as the first quasi-drug of the Travelmin series which can be purchased even at convenience stores and others in Japan on Monday, April 8.

Glimmering turquoise seas, brilliant skies, pristine, powder-fine sands – the Maldives offers the ideal environment for a restorative tropical getaway.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) revealed that a specialized team from the Higher Committee for Drug Registration representing all UAE health authorities, has evaluated an innovative genetic drug for treating blindness resulting from hereditary retinal degeneration. The genetic drug has already been approved and registered.