Abu Dhabi’s premier healthcare facility, Burjeel Hospital, successfully conducted the safe delivery of a healthy baby for a patient who had previously suffered multiple miscarriages.

The 33 year old patient, Merinamma was followed up in Burjeel hospital who has type 2 severe Diabetes Mellitus, hypothyroid, multiple drug allergy & multiple miscarriages    in the past.

During her current pregnancy, Merinamma had a number of complications due to her underlying medical conditions. Moreover due to her multiple drug allergies, including most of the antibiotics, almost all pain killers and many uterotonic & anesthetic  drugs, there were very limited choices of drugs to manage the complications by both medical and surgical means.

The highly qualified & skilled team of doctors at Burjeel Hospital managed Merinamma’s pregnancy and were successfully able to carry on the pregnancy until 34 weeks conducting various interventions as & when required throughout the pregnancy .At 34 weeks cesarean section was done due to complications arising out of underlying medical illness and the mother delivered a healthy baby boy.

“I am so grateful that we have been blessed with a healthy baby boy after all this time of suffering and going through the pain of losing a child which only a mother would understand. The medical and nursing staff at Burjeel Hospital have been fantastic throughout and I feel so happy to welcome the new addition to my family”, said Merinamma.

“I would like to thank Dr Toshi Agarwal for taking care of my health during my pregnancy and safely delivering my baby”, she added.

Dr Toshi Agarwal, Specialist – Obstetrics & Gynecology at Burjeel Hospital added: “Merinamma suffers from a number of health issues, so it was imperative that we monitored her closely and recognized the advanced level of care that would be required to ensure her pregnancy went smoothly. We are thrilled to have been able to have supported Merinamma on her journey, and we are proud to have helped her deliver a healthy baby boy.”

Burjeel Hospital is a centre for excellence when it comes to its birthing facilities. With its highly skilled team of gynaecologists, the most modern diagnostic tools and world-class facilities and services, you can expect superior medical care and personalized attention to prevent complications and ensure a smooth and safe delivery.


Source: markettiers