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It's been said for as long as wisdom has been passed down through the generations - a good night's sleep is vital for us to enjoy optimal health. Inadequate sleep affects our hormones, concentration levels, moods and even our weight. Whilst many fellow medical experts disagree on the amount of sleep a person needs to remain healthy, it is commonly thought that between 6-8 hours a night is what the average adult requires.


In recent times, there has been an increase in the amount of focus on sleeping disorders, purely because they are extremely common these days. People are living quite sedentary lives; they experience a lot of stress on a daily basis and have a lot of stress. All of which contributes to problems like, falling asleep, or not getting enough sleep. Through the dedicated studies and more sophisticated diagnoses of recent times, we have learnt a lot in recent times about sleep disorders, how disruptive and dangerous they can be and ways to help those who are suffering from them. 

Firstly, it’s important to mention that there are many different types of sleep disorders. They include insomnia, snoring, sleep apnoea and deprivation, and restless legs syndrome. However, because these problems are sleep-related it is not uncommon for people to be unaware they have an issue. This holds true for snoring and sleep apnoea, however untrue for the most prevalent sleep disorder - insomnia.

Insomnia is a very frustrating and debilitating condition that begins with the sufferer having problems falling asleep and can aggravate until no sleep at all. The causes of insomania are varied and very from individual to individual. Prolonged lack of sleep leads to moodiness, dizziness, irritability and a loss of concentration for even the most basic and mundane of tasks. Ultimately, a lot of physical discomfort ensues and rightly so the condition of sleep deprivation has been described as a form of torture. Sufferers of insomnia complain of feeling physically and mentally exhausted.

Other prominent issues include chronic snoring, not only the bane of many happy marriage but often indicative of underlying issues; hypersomnia (excessive tiredness experienced during the day), and sleep apnoea – a serious condition that can actually suspend a person’s breathing during sleep.

Anyone suffering from these – or any issues relating to sleep can get treatment at Linde Sleep & Respiratory Care Centre. The state-of-the-art sleep disorders diagnostics laboratory employs the most cutting-edge technology and follows the procedural standard of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The staff at the Linde Sleep & Respiratory Care Centre consists of experienced and certified physicians, sleep technologists, respiratory technicians and therapists. So, when a patient comes to the Linde Sleep and Respiratory Care Centre complaining of not getting a proper night’s sleep, they can take advantage of the complete respiratory care program and finally start getting the rest they deserve.


About Linde Healthcare Middle East:

Linde Healthcare is a globally leading healthcare company specialising along an integrated respiratory care path.  Linde Healthcare combines pharmaceutical gases, medical devices, services and clinical care into purposeful solutions for patients and healthcare professionals throughout the care continuum from hospital to home. The company is present in over 60 countries and generated revenue of EUR 3,015 billion in 2013. Its product and service offering encompasses a wide range of product-oriented services such as gas supply and gas therapies, sleep and pain therapies, and patient-centred services. Linde Healthcare focuses on four strategic business segments: Hospital Care, Gas Therapies, Homecare and Care Concepts. Long known for expertise in respiratory homecare, our Homecare competencies cover the full spectrum of services with a focus on patients’ individual needs. In the Care Concepts business segment, REMEO® is Linde Healthcare’s innovative programme for long-term mechanically ventilated patient care, offering an integrated care path that bridges the gap between a hospital’s ICU and a patient’s home.

About The Linde Group

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