With 3.3 followers on Instagram, Pink Caravan Ambassador, a fashion icon and an influential young voice in the Middle East, Ola Al-Fares does not need an introduction in the Arab World. Her intelligence, strong stance on social issues and She has captured the hearts and imaginations of the young and the young at heart.

She is one of the most powerful social media influencers in the region, on Sunday, 12 March, when she walked into the Pink Caravan Ride’s medical clinic at City Walk Dubai to get a breast cancer screening done.

Speaking to the millions of her followers about the important role of regular checkups play in early detection, she said: “I Urge every man and woman to take a courageous step forward for the sake of their own health and safety. I was here today to get myself checked for breast cancer, because I am responsible for my own health, and so are all of you.”

“I call upon every man and woman in the UAE to find a clinic near them for the same. Pink Caravan Ride medical clinics are operating out of every emirate. There is a clinic right next to you, so there is certainly no excuse for anyone in the nation to not get a breast cancer examination done,” Fares added.

Meanwhile, City Walk Dubai looks strikingly beautiful in bright shades of pink. It has extended its support to the Pink Caravan Ride by setting up the emirate’s fixed clinic. The clinic is offering free breast cancer screenings and other medical examinations until 17 March, and is a great opportunity for the residents of Dubai to get themselves checked before take a stroll down the European-style Walk lined with designer stores and restaurant

Ola Al-Fares has been described by OK British magazine as one of the youngest reporters in the Middle East, most known for presenting a TV show called MBC in a week by Middle East Broadcasting Center channel.


Source: National Network Communications (NNC)