Women spend an average of 35 minutes a day caring for their hair, 30 minutes of which are dedicated to brushing, tying or styling through various means. At least 60 per cent of women style their tresses using the heat from blow-dryers, rollers, flat irons or curling irons. However, such a routine may be sucking the life out of hair as heat styling can cause up to 33 per cent more damage in this short amount of time. With temperatures reaching over 240˚C, this habit leads to the erosion of hair cuticle layers and breakage of hair fibers, reducing one’s lush locks into a brittle and broken mane.



However, there is no need to choose between damaged hair and a disheveled appearance as the leading hair care brand Dabur Amla has made available its brand of hair serums, Amla Snake Oils, which ensures that hair gets revitalized and shines with life. The revolutionary new product harnesses natural ingredients that are all infused to protect hair from damage due to shampooing, coloring, styling tools, other chemical treatments, and even harsh weather conditions. Containing Amla Silica Complex, the additives fortify hair strands, smoothen hair cuticles, and nourish hair from inside.

Among the four variants is the Heat Protect Snake Oil Serum, which is specifically designed to combat damages from heat styling. Clinically proven, Dabur Amla Heat Protect serum delivers a 96 per cent reduction in hair breakage, increasing hair strength and enhancing the rigidity of hair strands. While ordinary serums offer protection from only 220-230 ˚C of heat, Dabur Amla Heat Protect serum delivers heat protection of up to 240 degrees of heat to efficiently preserve hair from damage caused due to heat styling.

With the heat protect snake oil serum, women need not fear the heat anymore as they enjoy sleek styles or bouncy beach waves. The Dabur Amla Snake Oil range also includes Repair Therapy for damaged hair with split ends, Frizz Control for dry and frizzy hair, and Extreme Shine for dull and lifeless hair.


Source: Orient Planet PR & Marketing Communications