Global insurance broker Pacific Prime has announced it has partnered with Orient Insurance PJSE, Allianz Worldwide Care to help deliver a new international insurance solution for individuals in Dubai. The plans provide people with exceptional international health coverage coupled with Allianz Worldwide Care’s reputation as one of the best insurers in the world.

The Dubai Healthcare Plan provides up to USD 10,500,000 in maximum plan benefits, access to private hospital rooms, and an extensive list of core plan benefits that include intensive care, medical evacuation and surgical fees. In particular, Allianz Worldwide Care and its plans are known for:

A renowned global reputation for excellence;
Flexible plan design;
Comprehensive benefits; and
An extensive Direct Billing network in the UAE.
In addition to solid outpatient and inpatient coverage, Dubai residents will also benefit from a range of dental and maternity options along with the fact that the plan is fully compliant in Dubai.

David Hayes, Global Director of Sales and Renewals at Pacific Prime, said the company is excited to be working with Allianz. “We’re delighted to continue delivering on our relationship with long-term partner, Allianz Worldwide Care, to help launch their Dubai-based plan for individuals. What’s more, we fully believe that their high level of service and experience in the region will translate to plans that people in Dubai can rely on.”

From today until October 2017, Pacific Prime will be the sole provider of the Dubai Healthcare Plans by Orient Insurance PJSE, Allianz Worldwide Care in the Emirate.


About Pacific Prime

Pacific Prime is a global insurance broker that provides high quality products to people around the world. Their six offices throughout Asia and the Middle East provide outstanding sales, service, and ongoing support to the more than 500,000 clients they’ve insured over 17 years in business.


About Orient Insurance PJSE, Allianz Worldwide Care

As a specialized brand of Allianz Worldwide Partners, Orient Insurance PJSE, Allianz Worldwide Care provides health, life and disability insurance, a range of health and protection services to employers and insurance partners globally.


Source: AETOS Wire