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aafaq Islamic Finance, a leading provider of Islamic finance products and services in the UAE, has introduced a new medical equipment financing product specifically tailored for the country’s small & medium enterprise (SME) market. The fully Shari’a-compliant product will be offered to doctors, dentists, diagnostic centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and other key health service providers. aafaq will use all available Islamic finance tools, to fund the needs of the healthcare sector’s experts.


Dr. Mahmoud Abdalaal, CEO of aafaq Islamic Finance, said: “The UAE Vision 2021 development agenda calls for major investments into world-class healthcare infrastructure, expertise and service to meet the needs of citizens. Our new financing product is aafaq’s own contribution to expediting the growth of the healthcare sector and is especially geared towards small- and medium-sized and mid-corporate medical service practitioners and providers who want to enhance their capabilities further”.

“In order for aafaq to contribute in making Dubai the capital of the Islamic economy and to support the UAE medical tourism; financing should not be an obstacle to those who are genuinely committed to building the best healthcare foundations for the UAE.” Dr. Abdalaal concluded.


Source: Orient Planet PR & Marketing Communications