Leading Gulf recruitment and training provider NADIA Global has started a new partnership with internationally accredited organization RBA International, to enhance the skills of bankers in the region through providing world-class training courses, and in turn improve the customer service that people receive on a daily basis. This will contribute to the UAE Government’s aims to elevate standards to reach the top five happiest countries in the world by 2021.

UAE customers are generally happy with their banks, with a 2018 yallacompare survey suggesting 80% of customers in the country would recommend their existing bank. However, there is still work to be done, to ensure as many customers are satisfied with their banks as possible and receiving the best banking practices and guidance.

One of the main aims of the partnership is to improve the skills of bankers and the customer experience they provide. NADIA Global CEO, Deepak Ahuja, has over 20 years of experience working in the banking sector across the UAE and made it his number one mission upon taking the role of CEO in September 2018 at the Gulf’s leading recruitment and training company, to develop a world-class certification programme for bankers in the region. By agreeing an exclusive partnership with RBA International, to provide professional qualifications and certifications, NADIA Global sets a new standard in retail banking training in the UAE.

Deepak Ahuja, NADIA Global CEO: “Most people use banks or banking services every day and it is one of the few professions that we share our personal and private details with. Lawyers, doctors and accountants must all attain minimum qualifications and standards, but for retail bankers, this doesn’t apply. While it might not currently be a regulatory standard, we believe that providing such training and globally-accredited courses, it can only improve banking practices and ensure customer satisfaction and happiness. We think this is of great benefit to over 25,000 retail bankers who are currently located in the UAE.”

“In addition, for each individual who takes part in the RBA International professional retail banking courses, it helps to improve their practical job skills and employability. In a time when banks are merging and the competition for jobs is high, having additional qualifications can provide an advantage when trying to secure employment and seek promotion.”

As a leader in the training and recruitment industry in the UAE for the last 35 years, NADIA Global is at the forefront of bringing world-class training and certification to the Gulf region. The new courses are exam-based and conducted online with additional classroom sessions to achieve certification by RBA International. Whether they plan to join the retail banking industry or have worked in the industry for many years, the tiered courses will provide training that will improve performance, accountability and customer service. Students will require six months to complete a programme, spending approximately seven hours per week on study and subsequent examinations.

Evelyn Hunter, CEO, RBA International said: “RBA International is proud and honoured to be working with NADIA Global. We share a common vision for the professional development of retail bankers in the Gulf region and look forward to building a long-term partnership with a depth of local experience and insight. RBA International is dedicated to enabling the highest standards of professionalism in the conduct of retail banking and we believe that banks in the region attach great importance to providing their customers with world-class standards.”


Source: TOH PR