transcosmos inc. added a chat feature as a new communication channel to “Contact-Link,” its proprietary cloud-based contact center platform.

“Contact-Link” is a cloud-based contact center platform that enables call center businesses to have two-way communication with customers via various channels that include call, websites, SNS, and more. “Contact-Link” not only enables clients to make both outbound and inbound calls effectively but also centrally manage all customer support histories offered via multiple channels. In order to satisfy consumer needs for chat-based communication that is expected to grow continuously along with the enormous popularity of smartphones and SNS, transcosmos added a new chat feature to “Contact-Link” whilst drastically improving its screen design for call center agents. Using icons and split view, the new, intuitive screen design will boost operational efficiency.

Supporting ever-diversifying communication channels via “Contact-Link,” transcosmos continues to help call center operators deliver a great communication experience to their customers.


Source: Transcosmos