Al Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Company, a leading IT and communications solution provider, has revealed its move of offering its ICT-based services to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) banking and finance segment. The company is expected to leverage its diverse portfolio of services across banking institutions operating in the Kingdom. Services to be offered include the installation of integrated projects covering audio, visual and data systems; consultancy on ICT-related issues; implementation of LAN, WAN, WLAN and Ethernet solutions; IPTV and connection services and integrated security systems to help protect the bank’s internal networks.



Al-Falak along with Nihilent now offers a range of consulting led services in a cross section of industry domains including Banking and Financial Intuitions, as well as other supply chains. logistics, oil & gas, mobile computing and telecommunications, media and entertainment, government and state-run enterprises, technology and related services, healthcare, and small and medium enterprises.

Solutions also include consulting services such as: IT Process Consulting, IT Consulting (Enterprise Architecture & Strategic IT Planning), Business Process Consulting (Lean and Six Sigma), Change Management using MC3 TM. In addition to technology services’ solutions such as Development, Maintenance & Re-engineering in various technologies, Package implementation, Program Management & Integration Management, Testing and IT Infrastructure Services.

For over three consecutive years now, Al Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Company has been ranked among the top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia. Established over 33 years ago, the company has been providing integrated solutions in the field of corporate IT, which includes advanced technical solutions for networks and modern applications of e-commerce and how to upgrade them across the Middle East. The company is widely reputed for its extensive experience in addressing the requirements of its customers and has increased the size of its business over the past years--further enabling to live up its commitment of providing world class high quality services.

Mr. Hasan Ba-Mehrez, GM of Software Product Division (SPD) from Al Falak, said, “Since being established in (1982), we have been developing our business and services portfolio to help address the requirements presented by customers coming from various industry verticals. We have now started to offer our services and solutions to banks across the KSA--a move that we have implemented in response to bank customers asking to install certain services that we offer. Al Falak has now developed a comprehensive and integrated range of services for the banking segment in mind, which reflects the high levels of customer satisfaction about the services we provide. Rest assured that we will remain steadfast in our commitment towards improving our services by signing agreements with the leading international companies and via the adoption of best practices in order to achieve excellence, maintain customer satisfaction and attract new customers.”

The current move demonstrates Al Falak’s continuing efforts to maintain its leading position in the service sector as a key provider of ICT services and solutions and electronic equipment & supplies. The company is preparing to enter a new phase of growth based on its track record as a leading and licensed investment company in the KSA. The company is also known for its extensive expertise in the field of IT Management, excellence in performance, experiences and achievements. Al Falak has received several awards including the ‘Reseller of the Year’ Award from Marconi Corp. in 2004, the ‘HP Achievement Award’ in 2004 and 2005 and second place in the ‘Best Integrated System in the Middle East’ category of the Network Middle East Innovation Awards, which was recently held in Dubai.


Source:  Orient Planet PR & Marketing Communications